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What is benemid?
One of the most important advantages of the benemid medication is that it is used to prevent the spread of gouty arthritis in the body. The medicine plays an important role in decreasing the uric acid level in the body. As a result, the functions of kidney would improve by leaps and bounds. Buy benemid 500 mg to get faster and effective results. When the quantity of urea increases in blood, it can have adverse impact on the body metabolism. The addition substance gets deposited in the joints and causes incessant pain to the patients. Medicine is taken along with antibiotic to enhance the effectiveness of the latter. Acidity in the urine should be decreased to prevent the formation of stones inside the body.

How do I take benemid?
In order to reduce the instance of gout, one should make sure to take the medicine orally. Due to the different ingredients, Benemid is highly effective for the patients. One should drink plenty of water with every dose. It helps to keep the body hydrated and prevents the formation of the kidney stones. Dosage depends on the degree of the illness however initially lower dosage is the best bet to avoid side effects. Sometimes uric acid level needs to be controlled.
Generally 250mg of medication is suitable for the patients. It should be taken twice a day. Once the treatment is effective, the dosage can be increased to 500gm. One should monitor the uric acid level in 24 hours and check whether it doesn’t exceed 700mg. It is extremely essential to increase the dosage by 500mg for every 4 weeks. In short, the total quantity should not exceed more than 2g per day.
You can buy benemid tablet and consume it with or without food. While taking the medication, dietary plan has to be strictly followed.

What should I do when the dose is missed?
If the dose is missed, it is vital not to increase the quantity of consumed tablet. One should wait for the next schedule to ingest benemid so that the slippages could be prevented.

What happens in case of over dose?
Over dosage of medication causes lots of problems to the users. Benemid drug class tends to get deposited in the liver if the body metabolism is not able to absorb the active and inactive ingredients into the blood stream. Respiratory failure, CNS stimulation accompanied by convulsions calls for immediate help from the doctor to save the life of patients.

What should I avoid while taking Benemid tablet?
While taking benemid tablet, make sure not to ingest tablet if you are facing gout attack. It may not provide relief but make the problem worse. Pregnant need women to stay away from Benemid because it can affect the placenta and also the new born baby. In addition, children less than 2 years are prohibited from taking the medication. People with a history of peptic ulcer are required to avoid caution because continue dosage causes intestinal perforation and bleeding. In spite of high dose, patients with higher rate of 30ml/min do not get benefits from Benemid.

Side effects:
Taking medicine forever has its own consequences. In rare cases, patients suffer from breathing problems. Puffiness of the eyelid indicates problem with not only kidney but also liver. Skin color changes rapidly and the person appears to be chronically ill. If you are experiencing sudden shooting pain in ribs or back, contact the doctor before the symptom metamorphoses into major issue. White spots on lips and mouth are indicative of the serious side effect. In addition, patients may also feel chronic tiredness.

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