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What is Decadron? What are its types?
The medicine Decadron contains Dexamethasone as the active ingredient. It is ideal to treat diseases such as arthritis, autoimmune disorders and allergic reactions. You can buy Decadron 1 mg tablet and get respite from breathing conditions as well as bowel disorders. In fact, the medicine is mighty useful in few cases such as cancer. If you want to test the adrenal gland disorder buy Decadron 2 mg tablets to get the desired results. Medication also comprises of corticosteroid hormone that helps to reduce the response of the immune system of the body. It goes a long way in limiting the allergic reactions and providing relief to the patients. Sometimes Decadron is used for treating eye and skin disorders

How do I Take Decadron?
Before taking Decadron you should read the leaflet created by the manufacturer of the tablet. It is also important to get additional information from the physician. The medicine is consumed only after detailed consultation with the doctor. One should also take into account the existing medical history of the patient.
Decadron back pain is quite effective in eliminating inflammation. Generally a single dose is administered or a full treatment is planned. In fact, the final decision depends on the severity of the condition. It is vital to consume a single table after the breakfast. Patients affected with Cush syndrome should take medication after the dinner time.
You should not abruptly stop the dosage but it is important to gradually accomplish the task. Sudden stoppage can cause adverse reaction to the body to a great extent. You should continue to take medication unless the physician asks you to stop Decadron.
Dexamethasone is a steroid; therefore the patient will get a card with detailed information about the precautions that have to be taken. Consult the doctor periodically to ascertain the side effects of the treatment.

What happens if I miss a dose?
If you have missed a dose, do not go all out to compensate the same by adding an extra dosage. Instead of benefiting the health, it may become harmful for the patients. Therefore, postpone the intake till the next schedule.

What happens if I overdose?
Over dose of medicine results in numerous symptoms that can prove fatal for the patients. Blood sugar level and pressure would rise. You should consult the doctor to make changes in lifestyle in order to improve health. Controlling salt intake is the best bet to get desired results. If the patient has passed out, call emergency to get immediate help.

What should I avoid while taking Decadron?
Decadron and pregnancy do not go hand in hand because the medication can harm the fetus of the mother. Moreover, it is also transmitted through breast feeding to the young ones. The product contains inactive ingredients that are allergic to the patients.
Patient medical history should be discussed with the specialist to formulate an effective treatment strategy. For instance, a person suffering from tuberculosis or kidney disease might have to vary the dosage of medication. Consuming alcohol with Decadron can cause dizziness of highest degree.

Side effects of Decadron:
Decadron side effect includes stomach upset and dizziness. In addition, patients are not able to sleep properly. Sometimes weight also increases within a very short time period. You should have an eye on the symptoms and information the doctor if the situation goes out of hand. Some other issues include joint pain, fever, heart burn and black stools. In few cases the steroid is also responsible for the occurrence of ulcers. Puffy face, swollen ankles accompanied by mood swings and agitation can hamper the normal life of the patients.

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