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What is Imdur?
The medication called Imdur belongs to the category of anti angina tablet. It is used to provide relief to the patients who are affected with coronary heart disease. The drug works by enhancing the blood supply to the heart. Persistent consumption of medication can limit the frequency and he intensity of the angina attack. If you buy generic imdur 30 mg, it is bound to have a long term impact on the health of the patients. People who are availing the treatment would not require the usage of nitroglycerine. It will also reduce the necessity of using spray. The medication should not be stopped suddenly. For additional information, one can always seek the advice of the doctors.
There are three forms of medicine available in the market namely 30mg, 60mg and 120mg. Non medicinal ingredients contain tablet core, colloidal silicon dioxide and sodium aluminum silicate.

How do I take Imdur?
Generally the standard Imdur 60 mg generic is once in the morning. It is quite effective in treating the disease. Sometimes, people may have to take the tablet twice in 24 hours. In order to prevent headache, 30mg tablet is taken after breakfast for 2 to 4 days. Weight of the individual plays a very important role in determining the dosage. It can increase or decrease accordingly. Tablets are not chewed but swallowed with a glass of water. In few cases, the medicine is split into two parts for effective ingestion.
You can buy imdur tablet from the manufacturers in a 30 day package. It goes a long way in making the tracking process more efficient.

What would happen if I miss a dose?
Patients missing the dose should not worry as skipping a single shot would not worsen the condition. On the contrary, you should wait for the next dosage that is due within 4 hours. It is bound to improve the health of the individual to a great extent.

What would happen in case of over dose?
Over dose of medication can lead to severe consequences for the patients. Excess dosage impacts the body metabolism resulting in plethora of symptoms. Pain in the chest is followed by radiating pressure in the hands. It causes not only nausea but also vomiting. In such cases, do not wait for the symptoms to aggravate but contact the doctor and stave the situation. In addition, some other symptoms such as anxiety may occur. Hence, it is vital to take corrective measures by stopping the dosage.

What should I avoid while taking Imdur?
Imdur should be administered with caution to the patients who have a long medical history. In addition, it is also important to examine the interaction of the other drugs with the medication. Although Imdur 120 mg cost is low, it can cause drowsiness with alcohol, therefore patients should not perform heavy duty tasks in such cases. Since the level of metal alertness is low, the chances of accidents are quite high.
People who are suffering from heart issues suffer from insufficient oxygen pumped into the arteries. The problem could snowball into a major crisis resulting into death of the patients if the dosage is high. In case you are affected, consult the doctor and analyze how the medicine may impact the health.

Imdur tablets side effects:
Persistent intake of medication is bound to do harm to the individuals. Abdominal pain is the common problem facing the patient. It can be followed by severe constipation and diarrhea. Sometimes flushing of face and neck is a clear sign that usage of medication should be discontinued as soon as possible. It is vital to contact the medical consultant for further advice.

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