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What is Imitrex? What are various types?
It is a well known fact that Imitrex is primarily used to treat headaches such as migraine. When you are suffering from severe pain buy Imitrex 100 mg tablet and get instant relief. People who experience nausea and vomiting can periodically take the medications to eliminate the symptoms. Prompt intake of medicine is crucial to improve the life of the patients. The drug belongs to the category called triptans and plays an important role in creating serotonin in blood. Moreover, it also affects the neurotransmitters in the brain to obstruct the sensation of pain. You can buy Imitrex online and get lots of options in the form of 25, 50 and 100mg tablet. In addition nasal spray is also available for the users.

How do I take Imitrex?
To start with Imitrex 25 mg dosage is administered directly at the hospital or clinic to treat any side effect that might arise. Patients should take the medicine according to the instructions mentioned on the label. People who are having headaches should consume the medication as soon as possible. It is important not to split the tablet and mix the medicine with water in the glass.
Patient should be administered single dose to check whether it provides relief from the pain. If it doesn’t take any effect, one can continue with the medicine after 2 hours. One should not take more than 200mg of tablets in a single day.
As far as Imitrex generic dosage about nasal spray is concerned, it is important to verify the improvement in the health of the patients. In case people do not get relief, another dose is given after 2 hours. One should not take more than 100ml of nasal spray in 24 hours. Further usage of medicine is dependent on the advice and suggestions of the physicians.
Nasal capsule is never ingested through mouth as it can be used only with the help of inhaler device. It is vital not to take more dosage than the recommended option because of the associated side effects.
Imitrex is kept away from the children and pets. In addition, the medicine should be stored at room temperature so that it is effective for the patients.

What happens if I miss a dose?
People who are skipping dose should not consume the drug indiscriminately. In fact, it is better to wait for 2 hours before it is time to get the new dosage.

What happens if I overdose?
In case of over dose, contact doctors in emergency to get immediate help. Prolonged usage would lead to tremors and breathing problems. They are also accompanied by redness as well as itchy skin. If you are suffering from blue colored lips or vision problems, do not hesitate to call the local hospital.
What should I avoid while taking Imitrex?
Before taking Imitrex dosage 100mg, check whether you have prior allergies to the medication. If you have blood circulation issue or heart problems, report to the doctor. High cholesterol and diabetes along with Imitrex might prove fatal for the patient. Therefore, it is possible to start with a lower dosage of medication. If you are feeling dizziness, do not try to travel or ride vehicles because they are sure shot recipes for accidents. Pregnant women are not administered Imitrex as it causes more harm than good.

Imitrex generic side effects:
The medication increases the blood pressure of the patients. In addition, it is cause weakness and numbness in limbs. If you are feeling unusual sweating and jaw tightness, immediately call the cardiologist for help. It could be the sign of a pending heart attack.

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