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What are imuran and its various types?
The generic name of Imuran is Azathioprine and it is used to prevent organ rejection in individuals who have recently gone kidney transplant. If you are recipient of the organ, make sure to buy imuran 50 mg for post operative care. It is consumed along with other medications for the seamless functioning of the kidney. The medicine also plays an important role in treating disease such as rheumatoid arthritis. In the above mentioned disease, immune system attacks healthy joints and causes plethora of problems. Imuran is an immunosuppressant that reduces the strength of the immune system of the body so that the kidneys are accepted. It also plays a significant role in eliminating pain due to arthritis. The medicine is available in 50mg tablets; therefore buy imuran 50 mg to treat numerous disorders such as autoimmune syndrome. The product is also used to treat instances of ulcerative colitis.

How should I take Imuran?
The tablet should be consumed orally once or twice regularly after the meals. The timing should be same to ensure effective working of the medication. It is important to take Imuran under the guidance of the doctor and if you do not understand the instructions on the label, ask the pharmacists to clear the doubts.
Patients suffering rheumatoid arthritis should buy imuran online at cost effective rates because they might have to continue the intake for a long time. Initially the dosage is low but later on increase for at least 6 to 8 weeks. Thereafter gradual reduction is recommended for 4 weeks. For kidney transplant patients, higher dose is administered before it is followed by the lower dosage.
Total time duration for medication is about 12 weeks to get the maximum benefits. One should not stop taking medicine even if the health improves. Instead, continue with the consumption and stop imuran only if the doctor permits.

What happens if I miss a dose?
 If you have skipped the dose and it is time to take the next one, do not increase the intake of medicines. Continue with the current schedule as missing a single dose may not have side effect on the health.

What happens if I overdose?
Although Imuran tablet uses have a positive effect on the immune system, over dosage of the medication would do more harm than good. If you are having nausea and vomiting, it is time call the emergency assistance. Some symptoms also include constant fever, chills and sore throat. Patients taking immunosuppressant drugs are vulnerable not only to lymphoma but also skin cancer. Few people also suffer from respiratory disorders due to over usage of medication.

What should I avoid while taking Imuran?
One should not keep the medication in open but instead place it into the container at room temperature and away from kids, If you are allergic to azathioprine, share the information with the doctor so that alternative treatment is administered.
Patients need to inform the physician about the existing medication or herbal supplements they are taking or planning to consume in the future. Imuran is never taken with aminosalicylates to prevent the side effects.
People who are suffering from kidney disease may not respond effectively to the treatment by medicines. Imuran is never recommended to the pregnant women because it can harm the fetus. Patients have to inform the doctor if they want to take vaccinations after the start of treatment process.

Side effects of Imuran:
People consuming azathioprine can experience weakness, fever, rash and pain. If the symptoms persist, call the doctor and change the course of treatment. Unusual problems arising suddenly need to be treated as quickly as possible.

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