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What is Indocin? What are the various types?
Patients affected by arthritis, gouts and tendonitis suffer tremendous pain in joints and muscles. They can buy Indocin 25 mg capsulas to get immediate respite from the discomfort. One of the most important factors of the medication is that it belongs to the non steroidal and anti inflammatory category. It works by obstructing the production of certain substances that cause inflammation in the body. People facing chronic arthritis can buy Indocin and enhance their way of life. In addition, if you are affected with spondylitis, a moderate dosage of the medication would go a long way in providing relief.

How do I take Indocin?
In order to prevent Indocin side effects, take the dosage as administered by the manufacturer or the doctor. Suppository should be taken rectally while the tablet is consumed in oral mode. Medicine is taken twice or thrice a day with a complete glass of water. Patient should not lie down immediately after taking the medication. In case of discomfort, ingest Indocin after the meal.
Dosage is dependent on the severity of the pain and disease. Moreover to prevent any side effect, you can start with a low dosage. Sudden consumption of high quantity medication causes stomach bleeding is come cases. Indocin 50 mg dosage medication should be taken as soon as the first signs of pain are visible. It is futile to let the symptoms go out of control because in such cases even medicines cannot provide much needed relief. The medicine is to be stored at room temperature and should not be accessible to either children or pets.

What would happen if I missed the dose?
 Once the treatment starts, patient should not forget to take medicine however if it happens, they can reschedule the intake of the drugs. Taking additional tablet would not improve the condition of the patient but instead may cause side effects.

Over dose of Indocin:
It can increase the blood pressure and also lower the blood count. In addition liver and kidney function of the individual is to be monitored round the clock. Over dose results in skin rashes, itching, red and swollen spots all over the body. Sometime people may suffer from breathlessness followed by unusual hoarseness of the voice.
Patients may also show signs of blood coughing or pass blood in the urine. In fact, you should contact the physician immediately to get required treatment. Change in eye sight is another sign of over dose for the people.

What should I avoid while taking Indocin?
If you are suffering from kidney issues, do not take Indocin or call the doctor to modify the dosage. ACE inhibitors and diuretics interfere with the working of the medication and can cause side effects. Generally doctors start with lower dose of medication to the patients to make it more effective in treating the problem.
Individuals with a long history of asthma need to be careful while taking the anti-inflammatory drug. You should not consume medicine recklessly or else it may cause heart failure.
Pregnant women carry the risk of miscarriage with non steroidal pain relievers, therefore ask the doctor about the suitable dosage.

Side effects of Indocin:
Heart burn and upset stomach are some of the side effects affecting the individuals. Swelling of the hands and feet occurs due to the persistent consumption of the medicine. If not treated, kidney and liver problems may also occur. They can hamper the body metabolism and might cause heart attack in the near future. Serious allergic reaction is a rare phenomenon but in case of sudden itching all over the body, get in touch with the physician for further diagnosis.

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