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What is Maxalt?
One of the most possible advantages of Maxalt is that it is a boon for the patients suffering from migraine. It helps to block the pain by narrowing the blood vessels around the brain. Medication helps to decrease the substances in the body that are responsible for pain, nausea and sensitivity to light and sound. Maxalt 10 mg generic is responsible for reducing the intensity of the headache but it doesn’t have any impact on the frequency of the occurrences. The medication is one of the kinds in providing relief to the patients. After ingesting the product, you can get relief within an hour however some patients might take a couple of hours for the treatment to take effect. It is vital to contact the doctor, if the intensity of the pain doesn’t experience any reduction.

How should I take Maxalt?
Maxalt generic dosage depends on the intensity of the problem. To minimize the side effects, follow the instructions of the manufacturer. If the headache symptom starts, take a single dosage of medicine. It would go a long way in eliminating pain and improving the condition of the patients. Prior to taking the dosage, keep the medicine in the blister pack. Medication should not be pushed back into the foil or else it may get damaged over a period of time.
One should not take more than 30mg of medication in a day because excess dose could be harmful from a long term perspective. After a single shot, you should check whether it the pain has subsided, if not it is vital take extra dosage after 2 hours. While taking medicine, one should divide the dose in a day.
While administering medication to the elders, take into account the previous condition of the patients. It may help in altering the dosage accordingly.

What happens if I miss a dose?
It is highly likely to miss a medication that is used to treat the pain. In case of a slippage, do not ingest extra Maxalt as it might impact vital parts of the body. One should make sure not to take multiple doses to cover up for the lost quantity. In fact, it can be counterproductive and may cause other issues.

What happens if I overdose?
Over dosage can occur if people try to take more medicines to counter the pain. In case, the quantity exceeds 30mg, it can have a negative impact on health. Patients complain of high blood pressure and blurred vision in many cases. In fact, some individuals have reported chest pain accompanied by significant discomfort. Uneven heart beats or seizures indicate that the patients should be admitted to the intensive care unit.

What should I avoid while taking Maxalt?
Maxalt can be detrimental to health of you have history of allergy towards the medicine. In case of high blood pressure, it is vital to take low dosage and consult the specialist. It is noticed that Maxalt can increase the systolic reading and cause damages to the body parts in diabetic patients. People who are taking clinical depression pills need to know how they interact with Maxalt. The medicine is not to be used with Triptan type of drug as it may cause more harm than good in the long run. Alcohol with Maxalt can result in dangerous reaction over the body.

Maxalt 5 mg side effects:
 Some of the side effects include higher blood sugar level. In addition, patients may experience unusual sensation in the body. Skin tingling or numbness or pressure sensation indicates that the side effects are severe and they should be treated immediately without any delay.

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