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What is Pyridium?
People buy Pyridium online because it is used to provide relief from symptoms such as irritation of the urinary track and burning sensation. In addition, if you are suffering from frequent urination, the medicine would help to eliminate the urge. Pyridium contains Phenazopyridine substance that is used to soothe the inner linings of the urinary passage. People who have undergone surgery and are on catheter experience inflammation in the urinary tract. Pyridium is instrumental in enhancing the health of the patients. The medication only treats the symptoms and is used in combination with the antibiotics to control the spread of disease.

How do I take Pyridium?
An adult should consume 100mg tablets thrice a day after breakfast, lunch and dinner. For 200mg tablet, the dosage would be same however final intake depends on the intensity of the disease. If it is used in conjugation with anti bacterial medication, the total dosage should not exceed more than 2 days. The medicine should be stored between 20 to 25 degree temperatures however it can be also effective for temperature as low as 15 degrees. Pyridium dosage for dogs is ideal for the pets suffering from urinary tract infection as it is equipped with anti inflammatory attributes.

What if I missed the dose?
If the Pyridium dosage for dogs is missed, you should try to play catch up and increase the dose. In fact the strategy might back fire and would do more harm than good. It is important to forget about the skipped dosage and continue with the original schedule.

What happens in case of overdose?
Over dose can cause plethora of problems to the patients. Some of the issues include impaired renal functions. If you are urinating frequently and facing bladder issue, contact the doctor as soon as possible. In short, control the amount of diuretics and stop the medications. Sometimes increased serum levels in the body lead to toxic reactions and hosts of side effects. In addition, hemolytic anemia would lead to sever drop in the hemoglobin. Patients have also reported difficulty in breathing. Hepatic failure cannot be ruled out if you are persisting with the medication. It is vital to contact the local hospital and get suitable treatment as soon as possible to save the life of the patients.

What should I avoid while taking Pyridium?
One should check whether the yellowish tinge is visible on the skin. It can occur due to impaired renal excretion. Patients should also know that the consumption of the medication could lead to discoloration of the skin and fabric. Users should not wear contact using the medicine because it creates stains on the eyes. Pregnant women need to inform the doctor if they are using Pyridium medication.

Side effects of Pyridium:
People experience dizziness and pain in stomach. It occurs due to the activity of the medication inside the body. If the symptoms are persisting, you should contact the doctor to change the treatment process or dosage.
Majority of people using the medication do not suffer from serious side effects. Skin might become yellow while the urine bears dark color. It is accompanied by abdominal pain, vomiting, fever and chills. Patients suffer easy bleeding that can result in the loss of blood and respiratory trouble. Sometimes people experience sudden decrease in the amount of urine. It is accompanied by unusual tiredness and weakness in the body. One of the major side effect is the sudden weight gain that and swelling of face as well as legs. Patients also complain of confusion and fever for a significant period of time. Therefore, it is important to visit the doctor and start the treatment.

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