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What is Tegretol? What are its types?
The medication Tegretol consists of carbamazepine substance that is used to eliminate seizure. People suffering from epilepsy use the drug to get immediate relief. It is anticonvulsant and is also used to treat nerve pain. The drug releases certain chemicals in the brain responsible to block the seizure triggers. As a result normal balance can be easily restored in the cerebrum. You should buy Tegretol 200mg.
The tablet is available in 100 mg, 200mg and 400mg format. Generally 100mg is white, round flat and uncoated while 200mg is accompanied by bevelled edges. 400 mg tablet is rod shaped and imbibes white color. Patients suffering from manic depression consume Tegretol to as it is better than the lithium therapy.

How should I take Tegretol?
If you buy Tegretol xr from the online store, make sure to consume the medicine according to the dosage instructions of the manufacturers. People who are suffering from bone marrow suppression syndrome should not ingest the medication. Patients should adhere to the instructions mentioned on the product label. In addition, doo not take large dosage of the medication or else it may cause side effects from a long term perspective.
If you are taking Tegretol orally, mix the content with the liquid and shake it vigorously. A dose measuring spoon is used to evaluate the quantity of the liquid. In fact, consult the pharmacist if you do not have suitable measuring equipment.
The tablet is consumed once in a day for 4 weeks on a trot to eliminate the seizure symptoms. In case Tegretol stops working, call the doctor before continuing with the dosage. During consumption of the drug, the doctor may take numerous blood tests to ascertain the blood related disorders. You should buy Tegretol xr and store it at the room temperature. Moreover, the medicine should be kept away from the reach of children and pets.
Generally adults and children above 12 years of age should be administered 200mg of tablets twice a day while suspension is to be taken 4 times in 24 hours. The maximum dosage is about 400mg of medication.

What happens if the dose of Tegretol is missed?
In case you have forgotten to take the dose, do not take extra medicine because it might induce extreme drowsiness. One should instead continue with the normal schedule.

What happens in case of overdose?
 In case of over dose, blood count of the patients may get affected. In addition, the kidney and liver functions are severely hampered. Some people have reported loss of vision after persistent consumption of medicine over a period of time. In all such instances, it is important to call the doctor as soon as possible.

What should I avoid while taking Tegretol?
If you are allergic to anti epileptic medication, discuss the issue with the physician. The product consists of inactive ingredients that would cause side effects on the body. Buy Tegretol cr online but furnish the medical history in advance to get suggestions and chart out an effective treatment strategy.
Patients suffering from glaucoma, kidney and liver disease should be careful while consuming the medication as it might prove fatal. Due to overdose, the skin becomes sensitive to the sunlight; therefore avoid tanning booths and the sun lamps. Some symptoms such as confusion and salt imbalance is noticed due to the over dosage. If left untreated, the patient may slip into coma.

Side effects of Tegretol:
Prominent side effects include swelling of the liver, yellowing of the eyes and irregular heart beat. People also experience change in the amount of urine accompanied by mood swings. Signs of depression are also observed in patients.

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