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Valium (Diazepam) 5mg

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Valium (Diazepam) 5mg

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Valium (Diazepam) 10mg

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The medicine Valium is quite popular among the patients all over the world. It can treat alcohol addicted patients, anxiety and even seizures. Surgeons deploy the medication as sedation to the patients for performing operation. Generic name of valium is Diazepam and it helps to calm the brains as well as nerves. In case of muscle spasms, one should take the above mentioned medication in suitable dosage. It is bound to provide sterling results to the patients as the medicine is critical in managing sleep disturbances. In case of repetitive seizures, patients have to be given a large dose of medicine.

How should I take Valium?
Patients buy cheap valium online when they are suffering from anxiety related symptoms. If the symptoms are severe, it is vital to take a maximum of 10mg daily. In cases of mild symptoms, 2mg of valium should be consumed regularly.
For treating alcohol addicted patients, one should take tablet 3 or 4 times in 24 hours. Initially it can be 10mg but later on the dosage should be reduced to 5mg. In addition, people who are affected with skeletal pain have to take 2mg to 10mg of medication on a daily basis. It would go a long way in providing relief to the patients. For kids, the recommended dosage should be in the range of 1 to 2.5 mg because the chances of side effects are manifold. Patients suffering from convulsions can be treated with the help of 3mg to 10mg of dosage over a long period of time.

What would happen if I miss a dose?
In case of a missed dose, people should take the tablet if the time interval is only for a short duration. You can reschedule the drug consumption but not consume in double dose.

What would happen in case of over dose?
Over dosage of Valium could become the death knell for the patients. Some of the issues arising out of excess consumption of medication can lead to lots of problems in the long run. Long term usage of drugs leads to liver and kidney damage. Patients who are suffering from lower blood count should be careful in taking the valium drug.

What should I avoid while taking Valium?
While taking diazepam, do not consume grape fruit and Grape juice. Increasing the intake could lead to dangerous side effects. In addition taking alcohol with valium causes extreme drowsiness to the patients.
Medicine should be administered with caution to the people who are suffering from closed angle glaucoma.

Side effects of valium:
People would feel unsteady while walking. They also experience trembling and shaking of the body. When the symptoms get aggravated the patients might fall into coma. Irritability and the rashes in the skin cause lots of problems for the people. They also suffer from nausea, nightmare and hallucinations. In addition, cough dark urine and chills also create problems for the people on over dose of Valium. They experience dizziness and tend to faint in case of physical and mental exertion.

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