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Privacy Policy

We take pride in announcing that all the information of the patients is secured with us. Our company abides by the online rules and regulations to make sure that your data is not misused with malicious intent.

Our team collects information of the people only with their permission. In fact, if we are sharing the data with third parties, it is done only with the prior consent of the individual. While gathering data, the purpose is explicitly mentioned to the patients.

We take full responsibility for maintaining and securing the data on the website. The information is sometimes collected to provide better services to the customers. For instance, email is used to send notification about the arrival of the medications suitable to treat the relevant disorders that the patients are suffering from.

In order to protect the privacy, the data transmission over the internet is secured with the help of advanced encryption techniques.

Collection of information:
We collect information right from the name, age, contact address to email but are not constrained by them. Patient history is also essential to provide targeted treatment of the diseases. Users might also have to share data about the allergies to certain medicines.

Payment and banking information is also necessary for the processing of data.

Sharing of information is at the complete discretion of the customers. You may not exchange the same but remember that the information is important to deliver qualitative treatment at an effective cost.

We reserve the right to change privacy policies without notifying the users. They can get updates on information by the visiting the required page on the website.

Privacy Policy

Types of information:
The scope of data capturing extends not only to email, phone, name and address but also patients history and more unless stated otherwise. It is not compulsory to provide all details however lack of any or more of the above mentioned information can severely limit the products and services.

Security measures:
State of art encryption technology is used to transfer information of the patients and the confidential financial data. You do not have to worry about sharing the credit card details on the website as it is blocked from intrusions and unauthorized access.